Exceptional DBA 2012 Finalist – What exactly got me there?

As you may know from my pestering, this year I am one of five finalists in the Exceptional DBA awards. Each year I make the effort to enter into the Exceptional DBA competition. I do not do this to win, but to reflect on my accomplishments from the previous year. This past year has seen … Continue reading


A Day in the life of: Me – A DBA Team lead

After reading through Erin Stellato’s (blog | twitter) TSQL2SDAY topic & reponses I was inspired to log one of my days. I decided that July 30, 2012 would be that day. Here’s how that day evolved: 5:30ish – Wake up, take dog outside for a walk, shower, pack meals for day @ work and head … Continue reading

A day in the life of: (preamble)

I just started following #tsql2sday on twitter when I saw a post by Erin Stellato (blog | twitter) with the topic of July. The topic selected was to describe a day in your life as a DBA. I’m a little late to the party, but I  took some notes today and will work on them as … Continue reading


Yeah…that about covers it I think. The other day I was sitting at my desk, like always, nose down and figuring out our latest issue with the migration process at my current client. I had my headphones in streaming something from Pandora (probably AWOLNation’s ‘SAIL’ channel I created – listen here) when my phone bleeped. … Continue reading

Becoming Brave

If you had a chance to change your fate, would you? – Princess Merida For many years I worked as a full time employee (FTE) at many places. The majority of DBAs I have met state that they became a DBA by “accident”. They worked as something else and had to eventually take over the … Continue reading

Were the Mayans right all along?

A few weeks ago I had just disembarked from SQLCruise Alaska 2012 and was in a great mood. I decided to head on up to Philadelphia for SQL Saturday #121 to keep learning SQL and to meet up with a couple of cruisers that happened to be presenting there. My wife and I wound up … Continue reading

Where do you draw the line?

Yesterday was an interesting day to say the least. I was in one of our weekly data team meetings when the topic of our release notes came up. Needless to say a very heated discussion arose from it. Apparently after Monday afternoon’s database change roll out occurred there were 2 stored procedures that broke due … Continue reading

To Test or not to Test – That is the question

To test or not to test, that is the question: Would you rather have a person that takes longer to find, but knows what you need and is skilled, or a body to throw at a project to get things done. We have adopted a new interview process: a 3 hr ‘skills’ test with full … Continue reading

Data driven cursors to encrypt values in table

The following code is some I whipped up this morning to use a lookup table to then go and encrypt values in a table. This way the data team does not have to even look at the data reducing the risk of sensitive information leaking out. It is all still being worked on but I … Continue reading

I know exactly how he feels

It is like building a DB system with no specs or guidelines as to what needs to be done. You do the best you can and then the client says something and you wind up here. From: This cartoon had a bad day at work.